2pcs 720p AHD/HDCVI/TDI Camera Package with LED Monitor

package #3

2 High Resolution AHD/HDCVI/TDI 720p Cameras with LED Monitor
Price: Php13,900


  • Free 15″ LED Monitor
  • Free 1 TB Hard Disk
  • Siamese 20m Cable
  • 12v Power Supply

DVR Specification

  • 4Ch Tri-brid 720P Lite Compact 1U HDCVI/TDI DVR
  • Support HDCVI/Analog/IP Video input
  • All Channel 720P Recording
  • HDMI/VGA Simultaneous Video Output
  • 4 Channel Synchronous Playback
  • Support 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0






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